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Mini Face Lift

Being one of the most popular procedures, plastic surgeons have come up with a lot of different face lifting technique to offer more noticeable and effective cosmetic results. In fact, there are now a great number of new facelift techniques that interested patients can choose to undergo to.
The Minilifting is minimally invasive, and tightens loose skin in the middle and lower areas of the face. It diminishes the appearance of facial folds on the nose and upper lip areas, and improves the form of the upper neck, thus giving patients a major age-diminishing result. A blepharoplasty can also be performed during this procedure to improve the upper and lower eyelids appearance, and lipofilling-lipostructure to improve the zigomatic, mandibular and chin area.

The Mini Face Lift incisions do not extend as high into the temporal hairline, nor do they extend along the entire back of the ear or into the posterior scalp. Because the incisions are not as long, as a full Face Lift, the scars are not as long.
This technique can be executed in Day Hospital with local anesthesia and sedation, thus making it painless with less bleeding, bruising, and swelling.

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